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Resource usage optimization to create more income for your firm.


SEO methods to drive quality traffic to your Website with a better position in the search engines.


A Website tailored for your activity and the optimization of the customer experience on your current platform.


Analysis of the demand and customer segmentation to maximize your campaign’s impact.


Qualitative study: ease of user interface (UI) and improvement of user experience (UX).


Avantage Web offer training and coaching in marketing, for a better internal autonomy for firms.

Our team

Web strategist
Graduated in 2011 in strategy and business management at the European School Federation. I have worked for 3 years as a Web Marketer within a prestigious company in Marrakech, where I tookup various challenges in the field of Web exposure. Numerical economics constitute a passion for me, with over 8 years of experience as a freelancer on web marketing, which led me integrate Avantage Web team after completing a master degree of Electronic Business Management at Sherbrook University in 2015 where I managed to sharpen my skills and knowledge in E-commerce, and to develop a high technicality and a spirit of challenge in each project I conducted.
Web Consultant
My previous career in Logistics and Transportation led me to work in Québec, where I realized my affinity with Marketing and Business development. For a better performance and to broaden my knowledge, I decided to go back to University and successfully completed a Bachelor degree in the field of Business Management, with a major in Marketing. With this diploma and my experience with new commercial techniques, I am willing to take on new challenges.
Web Coordinator
Graduated with a Bachelor degree in International Business Management and a Master degree in E-commerce Management from Sherbrooke. I got to work with various firms on electronic business issues, through my studies and previous jobs. Creativity, attention, and committement are, for me, the three main requirements to succeed in the Web industry.

As you might already know, client relationship is essencial on the Net. Very comitted clients ensure having an ideal kind of traffic, and that is exactly what our team at Avantage Web can bring you.

Web marketing is a field that benefits from a good reputation and maturity. Whoever needs to be visible (individual or firm) will use its methods. What we offer is our expertise to help your business, in order to create or strenghten a competitive advantage and to improve your presence on the market.

Thanks to our skills for targeting and segmenting, we assist individuals and firms to generate additional revenues by optimizing the efficiency of their digital presence. Our Web Marketing agency offers a large range of solutions, organised around 4 aspects :

Step One

Development of strategies.

Step Two

Conception of measuring tools.

Step Three

Implementation of traffic acquisition technics.

Step Four

Finally, an optimisation phase for that newly obtained traffic.

Our goal.

Our agency has adopted as its highest purpose to support its clients, individuals, SMEs, and bigger firms, in maximizing their income on both mid- and long-term. We are perfectly aware of the fact that the continuity of your activity depends on the quality of your customers, on the quality of the relationship you have with them, and on your exposure on Internet. This is the reason why we do everything in our power, through our various services, to create quality Web Marketing campaigns for a reasonable price.



When I decided to show my health recipes to a larger public, I asked AvantageWeb to help me achieve that new goal. Their expertise enhanced the absolutely modern side of my concept, which should be known by everyone. By using an optimization strategy on social networks, AvantageWeb’s experts gave a fresh boost to .
Jean Francois Simoneau - owner at Go Gourmet

I had the chance to meet WahbAlami, president of AvantageWeb, for a Web Marketing training. This quick training (about 2H) was based on a document sent in advance by M. Alami. This way I could tell which part I wanted to learn more about. During the training, Wahbwas able to answer each of my questions and adapt to the context of the company Toitures Larose I told him about. I enjoyed the training and I strongly recommend it!
Marc-Edouard Larose - owner at Toitures Larose

I would like to thank M. WahbAlami for the excellence of the training he gave me on Strategy development for firms on the Web. With his expertise, availability, and sound advice,it became possible to create a targeted roadmap to optimize our goals. After an insightful marketing analysis of my firm Project Formation Omega, M. Alami managed to bring to light the value that a Web, social media, and research engine presence could create. Therefore, I strongly recommend this training to all entrepreneurs that look into the future.
Huguette Lemay - certified trainer

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We are here to help you improve your company profiles on the Web. Our job is to answer to SMEs needs in all activity fields. The relevance of our Web Marketing services, and the sincere and continuous relationships we build with our clients are the elements that differentiate us.

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